Import Service

Competitive prices, prices start at 4.5 million per cbm

Here are some services or services related to import activities provided at WLS Logistic

1. LCL Import Management Service

While only available from China, we have a warehouse in Guangzhou, China to collect goods and combine them into 1.


jasa manajemen import lcl

Consumer submits item data, packinglist

We will provide a quote

Approved the cooperation letter from both sides

Provide Address and Marking code

Supplier deliver goods to our warehouse, packing list and invoice

Goods shipped to Indonesia

We will take care of the goods until they arrive at your jakarta/warehouse


Competitive price, starting from 4.5m per cbm

Minimum delivery 0.5cbm / month

Fast and Responsible

Compensation guarantee if goods are lost/confiscated

Goods are delivered to customer’s warehouse

2. FCL Import Management Service


jasa manajemen import fcl

Customer tells the type of goods to be imported, quantity and value.

We will provide several import options and estimated costs.

WLS party will provide quotation and employment contract for signed by both parties.

Goods shipped by supplier along with draft document.

WLS will inspect documents according to the latest customs regulations.

Once the document is correct, it can be sent to the WLS office for processing at the Port

WLS will take care of all import procedures in accordance with applicable regulations until the goods are ready to be released from the Port

Customer provides Warehouse address to WLS


There is no hidden cost (transparent) so no outside billing

Fast, efficient and secure management

Guarantee of compensation if goods are confiscated

Management is very simple and hassle-free

FCL Import Management Services are divided into the following 2 types of services :

2.1 PPJK Services

The trusted PPJK services from WLS Logistics can be a solution to meet all your customs management needs. Custom clearance is a mandatory thing for importers and customs clearance is a condition for importing. Without this permit, of course, the import process cannot be carried out. So for you importers, you should prepare the customs permits needed for the import process.


More than 15 years of experience in customclearance and has collaborated with leading companies in Indonesia

Professional team in document management and very responsive customer service

Each company/customer has 1 account manager from WLS

Guaranteed compensation if stuck in customs *if there is negligence on the part of the WLS team*

2.2 Door to Door Service

WLS Logistics is ready to take care of various documents needed when shipping goods. Now you don’t need to be confused anymore, because we are ready to be a solution for shipping goods to you with an import door to door service.